Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Location Details


Great Ormond Street


Access in Detail

IPP Main Reception
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  • IPP Main Reception
  • Internal Doors
  • Reception
  • Low Counter
  • Induction Loops
  • Seating
  • Circulation
  • Lighting
  • Passenger Lift
  • Octav Botnar Wing Stairs
  • Handrails

Internal Doors

These doors are locked open during normal operating hours.
There is a double door. Opens in.
The effective clear width of the door is at a minimum of 800mm.
The opening width of the door is 1535mm.
The threshold is level.
The doors and side panels have vision panels.


There is a lowered counter section provided.
The lowered counter section is at a maximum height of 760mm.
The height of the counter is 720mm.
The width of the lowered counter section is adequate.
There is sufficient space in front of the counter for wheelchair users.
There is sufficient space to write or sign documents on the counter.
There is adequate lighting to both sides of the counter and the lighting avoids silhouetting.

Induction Loops

There is an induction loop available.
A portable induction loop is available.
There is signage indicating the availability of the loop.


The seats that are provided are stable.
The seating has armrests.
Seating is provided in a range of heights.
There is space for a wheelchair user to pull up alongside a seated companion.
There is space for an assistance dog to rest.

General Area

The clear widths are adequate.
There is a sufficient turning circle at either end of the corridor.


The level of lighting is sufficient for the intended use.

Passenger Lift

From 1st Floor
To 3rd Floor
The lift car dimensions are sufficient for a wheelchair user and their companion.
The lift doors open to a minimum width of 800mm.
The outer lift controls are at an accessible height.
The inner lift controls are at an accessible height.
The lift has audible announcements.
There is a visual display indicating level information.
The alarm button is fitted with a visual acknowledgement that the alarm bell has sounded.
The lift does not have a separate entrance and exit door.
There are handrails within the lift.
The lift does not have a dual height handrail.

Octav Botnar Wing Stairs

There are handrails.
The handrail is in good order.
Double height handrails are provided.
The handrails are of the correct specification.
There is a visual contrast at the top and bottom of the steps.

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