Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Location Details


Great Ormond Street


Access in Detail

Paul O'Gorman Building Entrance
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  • Paul O'Gorman Building Entrance
  • Approach
This entrance allows step free across to this building visitors should report to Main Reception who will escort you to your destination.
There is weather protection provided.
There is a single door. Opens in.
The effective clear width of the door is at a minimum of 800mm.
There is adequate space alongside the leading edge for a wheelchair user to open the door while clear of door swing.
The threshold is level.
Please be aware that the doors and side panels do not have vision panels.
The door handles are easy to grip and operate.
The handles are within reach of all users.
The door pressure is kept to a minimum on manually operated doors fitted with self-closing devices.


Please be aware the approach route is not at a minimum width of 1800mm.
The approach route is 1220mm wide.
There are no drainage grates along the approach route.
There is a rainwater gully located along the approach route.
The approach route is clearly defined.
The approach route is free from obstructions.
There is seating available at intervals along the route.

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